Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shawl Ribbon

1st time purchase thing online and i really satisfy with the product. thanx ika for the shawl ribbon. the best part is every times i wear it people/friendz will asking about this shawl and my answer will be just clik at and order it yourself. my officemate already bought it too !

pics of me wearing shawl ribbon (black with pink-fireworks-ribbon) with my dear son, Hadif.

i tried to search at ARZU but they only have the polka-dot ribbon shawl. but at ika's there have various designs of ribbon u can choose, up from shawl ekslusif, hot shawl ribbon, tudung ekin/permaisuri to others accesories to match with the shawl. even if u never wear the shawl, u'll want to try once view the demo how to wear it.